The Music of
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Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut
Peter Altekrueger, Bibliotheks direktor
Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Berlin, Germany

Belfer Audio Collection
K. Matthew Dames, JD, MS, PhD
Special Collections Library
Syracuse University, New York

Peer Music International
Mr. Elias Andráde,
Senior Copyrights Mgr.
Burbank, California

Florida International University
Diaz-Ayala Collection
Mr. Cristobal Diaz, Puerto Rico
Ms. Verónica González - Archivist FIU
Miami, Florida

Alan R. Burdette and Marilyn B. Graf
Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

El Pinky - Collector

Ms. Marta...'a good friend in Puerto Rico'

Msrs. Ballester and Quiñones

To the Members and Friends of Miguel
who have provided valuable information and recordings for the Flags

Luciano Quiñones - Master Pianist

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