La Música de

Miguel Angel Maymón

compositor puertorriqueño

de la musica de antaño

'Lelolais' (folk) and Navidad (Christmas) songs

'Cancion de la Montaña'  1947

'Song of the Mountain'

Rafael Nadal and Las Damiselas

Joe Blanco and his Orquestra

'En el Batey'  1948

Trio Johnny Rodriguez

Trio Johnny Rodriguez recorded a number of Miguel's songs. This one is about a typical Christmas Day party in the countryside.

The lead instrument is a puertorican 'Cuatro',

a medieval 10-string guitar still used

in puertorican folk music.

'Mañanita de Navidad'

written 1975

Julio Angel and Maso Rivera

chorus vocals:  Minnie Villanueva

'Navidad Borincana' 

written 1972

Julio Angel and Maso Rivera

chorus vocals:  Minnie Villanueva

In 1987,  Miguel submitted two songs to the  ‘Certámen de Musica Navideña’ (Christmas Music Contest)

sponsored every year by La Fundación Para el Adelanto de la Musica de Puerto Rico,

(The Foundation for the Advance of Puerto Rican Music),

winning First Place and Honorable Mention with his two songs:

‘Mañanita de Navidad’  and  ‘Aguinaldo Navideño’

( 'Christmas Morning'  and  'Christmas Song' )

In 1988,  he did it again, winning First  and Third Places with two other Christmas songs:

‘Palomita de Navidad’  y  ‘Navidad Borincana’

('Christmas Dove'  and  'Puerto Rican Christmas')

The winning arrangements of these four songs,  were produced by Mr.  José Nelson Ramirez, 

an experienced musician and friend of the Maymóns.

In 1999,  the 4 winning songs were recorded by puertorican artists

Julio Angel and Maso Rivera  in their album 'Gozando y Cantando en la Navidad'

Sylvia Rexach and Las Damiselas

Trio Johnny Rodriguez

'Aguinaldo Navideño' 

written 1970

Julio Angel and Maso Rivera

chorus vocals:  Minnie Villanueva

'Palomita de Navidad' 


Julio Angel 

chorus vocals:  Minnie Villanueva

Las Damiselas ('The Damsels'), was a Quartet of female singers formed by the famous puertorican composer

Sylvia Rexach in 1945.  Sylvia and Miguel were friends.

I have received information from collectors stating that this could be the only recording ever made by The Damsels;

I have no proof of that, but Miguel would be very lucky

if indeed that is true.

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Minnie Villanueva

Puertorican Cuatro