La Música de

Miguel Angel Maymón

compositor puertorriqueño

de la musica de antaño

other Boleros (Ballads) written by Miguel

'No puede ser'

('It can't be')

Gloria Mirabal  1950

'Rosas Negras'  ( Black Roses )


Piano by:

Luciano Quiñones

Vocals, guitar, bass, and percussion by:

Josie Maymón

'Ajena' ( Someone else's )


Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion and Sequencer arrangement by:

Josie Maymón

'Te Adoro' ( I adore you )

José Luis Moneró

and his Orquestra

1960's and 1970's

Luciano Quiñones,

who played the Piano in 

'Rosas Negras'

'Te Adoro' ( I adore you )

Santitos Colón 

1976 and 1996

Josie Maymón,

fourth & last son of

Miguel and Haydée

'A Mi Madre' (To My Mother)

Duo Irizarry de Córdoba

Avelino Muñoz - Organ

circa 1966

written by

Benito De Jesus  and  Miguel A. Maymón circa 1957

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Mr.  Benito De Jesus,

friend of Miguel and Founding Member

of Puerto Rico's National Trio,

The Trio Vegabajeño,

as you will see in the next page.

'Me Pides Que Te Olvide'

( 'You ask me to forget you' )

Trio Los Sutíles


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with two other Boleros

recorded by singer Jose Luis Monero

and the Frank Madera Orquestra circa 1936

Trio Los Sutiles

Don Miguel with Gullin Rodriguez, Lead guitar of

Trio Los Sutiles