La Música de

Miguel Angel Maymón

compositor puertorriqueño

de la musica de antaño

Miguel's Danzas

'Linda Sangermeña'

instrumental version

orquestrated and performed by

Josie Maymón

in Yamaha sequencer

'Linda Sangermeña'

Piano performance by

Luciano Quiñones

Master Pianist and expert

of the Puerto Rican Danza

draft score for 'Linda Sangermeña'

'Pretty girl from the town of San German'

The Danza is the classical music of Puerto Rico.

Said to be derived from the Cuban 'Danzón',

it is essentially piano music which became a 'dance', 

just like the 'Minuet' became a dance in 17th Century Europe,

so did the 'Danza' in the Caribbean islands.

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