La Música de

Miguel Angel Maymón

compositor puertorriqueño

de la musica de antaño

The second most recorded Bolero / Ballad from Miguel,

registered in 1938,

a favorite of a singer named Davilita, and The Duo Felipe and Davilita

who recorded the song in many of their 78 and 33 rpm records.

Davilita and Felipe Rodriguez also recorded the song 'Locura'

with the Grupo Victoria circa 1934.

Their style of singing was very popular in 1930's Caribbean.

'Tu no sabes Mentir'

La Plata Quintet with singer Davilita 

1938, 1950's, 1960's

'Tu no sabes Mentir'

  Felipe and Davilita  

with Los Antares Trio

1950's, 1960's, 1970's

'Tu no sabes Mentir'

'You don't know how to lie'

'Tu no sabes Mentir'

Elena & Angel


'Tu no sabes Mentir'

Carlos Guerra and His Arañas

Group from Venezuela


'Tu no sabes Mentir'

  by Pianist Luisito Benjamin  

circa 1960

Thank you to Member Ramon Burgos

for contributing this recording.

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Another version of this song was recorded around 1940 by  'Mingo and the Whoopee KIds",

an orquestra from Ponce, Puerto Rico.  I am searching for the recording.