The Music of
                             Miguel Angel Maymón 
Here you can listen to other versions and arrangements
of the song 'Locura' as the years go by.
There is a noticeable change of styles from the 1930's
to the 1950's and on.

Julio Angel, Johnny Albino,
and The Trio Borinquen 
Tito Rodriguez 

Acknowledgment Plaque given to Miguel in 1937
by the recording company C/R Records
(Columbia Records)
celebrating record sales of the song 'Locura'
as recorded by
Johnny Rodriguez and his Group

(Josie Maymón Collection)

'Locura' page 2
José Luis Moneró and his Orquestra
(circa 1968)

Johnny Rodriguez and his Group

Thanks to Member Héctor Martinez for valuable information about  this recording.

Johnny Albino and his Trio San Juan 1951 and 1953
The following informal recording of  'Locura' was sent to me
by a family friend, Mr. Amadeo Nazario, who recorded it in his home studio in 1980 with my father Miguel present.
A typical don't-bring-any-beer-I-have-plenty-here Saturday.
Singing:  Genarito Castro on lead vocal and guitar,
and José Ernesto Ibañez on harmony vocal.

as Mr. Nazario told me, by the end of the day they were all singing:
♫...DO,  a beer, a female beer,  RE, a drop of golden beer...♫...
and Miguel was conducting the Choir.

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The following is my own recording and arrangement of  'Locura'
as I learned it from my father,
with the chords and modulations as he wrote the song in 1932.

Josie Maymón
Ruth Fernández
Puerto Rican Singer and Senator

(recorded in 3 albums)

Quartet of Memories
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Jose Luis Monero recorded three other songs written by Miguel, starting in 1936.